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Volunteer Training

We are delighted to have started our 6 week volunteer training course this week!  Here's our Clare, who ran the first week's training, to give you the low down on what happened on the first week and how you can get involved if you're interested...

Introducing Laura

Hey everyone :) ! My name's Laura and I am the new family support worker here at Venus. It is my second week here and I want to thank the team for being so welcoming and helpful, and to Deb for passing over such useful information!


Hello from Fran and Coleen

As you know, we facilitate placements for students here at Venus and at Our Place.  Students are placed with us for different lengths of time dependent upon the course theyre on and what stage theyre at with their course.  We asked one of our latest students, Fran, to introduce herself and Coleen and tell us a little bit more about their experience...


Hello Everybody!


This is a slightly overdue introduction to Me (Fran) and Colleen as we have been at Venus for 3 weeks already!