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A Celebration Coffee Morning

Hey everyone!  Wow, I can't wait to share this with you!  This week is a special week because not only are we celebrating International Women's Day with our super awesome interactive photo compilation celebration, (have you emailed us your photo yet?? If not, why not?? Get it done people!!!) it's also Mother's Day too, so we have TWO chances to celebrate the general awesomeness of women!


International Women's Day Celebration 2018

Thursday 8th March 2018 is International Women's Day, a day to celebrate women's achievements throughout history and across nations.  Each year at Venus we celebrate this day with different events.  This year is no different and we are hoping that you will get involved with us to celebrate women in Sefton!

We want to continue to empower and encourage women to forge a better working world - a more inclusive, gender-equal world.  We can only do this with your help!

News from our Creative Writing Group

The Venus Creative Writing group provides women with an opportunity to discuss and develop creative writing ideas (stories, poems, song-lyrics etc) in a friendly, informal and supportive environment. The course also aims to improve confidence and self-esteem via group discussions and feedback.  It's held at the Venus Centre on Mondays from 12.30pm until 2.30pm and there will be a warm welcome for you when you join in!


Quotes from the women attending the group: