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Hands in the bucket for a bike ride!

You may have seen on our social media over the last few days that we are undertaking a sponsored static bike ride at Our Place to raise some much-needed funds to keep this project going.  Over to our David, who co-ordinates the project, for some more information...


Ornithophobia? Not anymore!

Today's blog is a little example of how counselling at Venus may help you.  Whilst this particular case relates to a person who had a terrible fear of birds, (which is called "Ornithophobia" if you're interested!) counselling may be helpful to address a whole range of different issues.

Before I tell you about what happened in this case, let's look at phobias in general in more detail.  The website of Anxiety Care UK tells us,

Team Work Makes the Dream Work!

Hey everyone!

We hope you had a great weekend, we just wanted to let you know that tomorrow we will be closed (except for counselling appointments) as we are having a team day.