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the actual designs!

the actual designs!

So, as you might have read in our last blog earlier today, we have been asking for comments and opinions on our new leaflet designs.  I thought it would be a good idea to add the pics here so you can tell us what you think through our comments section below this blog.

I also thought it would be helpful to tell you a little about the Artist who designed the images and her ideas. Nicki McCubbing is a local Artist who "makes sculpture and installations that often reference my life via childhood memories, observations, fears, fantasies and dreams as an adult".  You can find out more about Nicki's art on her website, www.nickimccubbing.com 

On to the design of our leaflets, Nicki explains the symbolism and meanings as follows,

  • The main image (house with sky behind) It consists of a doll's house woman with windows in a garden. The doll's house body is based on the Louise Bourgeois drawings of the House wife woman, which mainly represents woman trapped and symbolised by the house, but this design for Venus reverses these ideas. The house : 'Venus' is the body, is a place where the users are welcome and can see as a home. The house has windows that represent Venus and something of what it is to be a woman. Inside the windows are (clockwise from top left) 
  • 1. A Sindy doll's face representing femininity and perceived beauty.
  • 2. A lock and key symbolising women's pasts and secrets (which can be helped by Venus' resources)
  • 3. A red balloon for fun times and celebrations. 
  • 4 (Bottom left) Spider in the room: anxiety and worry that women often face, again what Venus can help with. 
  • 5. The Door with the Venus Logo. 
  • 6. The Original venus sculpture. the very first depiction of Venus in 3D form,a fertility symbol. 
  • The house has a toy stork and baby on the roof (for the family help offered at venus) and is surrounded by tiny toy birds. 
  • The woman's legs have a helter skelter slide going down her on one side representing being a mother, being playful and good times!
  • The garden is fenced off by Russian Dolls (referencing the Russian dolls in the foyer of the Centre). 
  • Either side of the house is a toy ballerina doll with a magpie head holding money in their hands. The magpie symbolises saving money (another means of help that venus offers it's users) Having images of money on the design I hope will be a positive realisation for the future of the Centre: that it will be funded in the future!
  •  Next to the birds are daisies with babies faces with long legs representing growth and girls growing into women. 
  • And then there are Lucky cats that also promote Good Luck, wealth and positivity! I chose to write Welcome in daisies as I feel this is an important part of the Centre.

Then I have made seperate images to use either on their own or together to promote certain events or courses at the Venus. There are 6 of these all with the Venus house as the main image but all different. This creates a familiar branding and hopefully will reinforce the Venus as being a home and somewhere where the users are always welcome. These images are:

  • 1. House with muscles (to promote self empowerment ie, could be used for the SHE course that you do, or for a course on D.I.Y etc). A 'We can do it' image!. 
  • 2. House holding the hand of a child house (could be used for parenting skills courses etc). 
  • 3. House with cup of tea (Coffee mornings etc) 
  • 4. House doing a Yoga pose (Health and Well being courses etc) 
  • 5. House with Outstretched arms (Freedom/ Celebrations, trips out,  holidays etc)
  • 6. House with piggy bank and credit card (Money, debt help).

So, with all that information, tell us here what you think!