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Olives story

Olives story

Olive is a 54 year old woman who was referred to Venus from One Vision Housing for Money Management advice and Housing Related Support.  Olive has a long history of issues with alcohol, has experienced domestic violence and is currently involved in an ongoing anti-social behaviour dispute with her neighbours.

When Olive began receiving support from Venus, she was extremely vulnerable, had little confidence and low self esteem.  She was isolated and reluctant to leave the safety of her flat due to the abuse and harassment she experienced from her neighbours.  Furthermore, Olive was struggling to cope financially and consequently these issues were having a negative impact on her already fragile mental and physical health that was only compounded by alcohol.

Olive attended the SHE Project, a life skills course that promotes the safety and health of women with an aim to empower them to live independently.

The course helped encourage Olive to leave her flat to socialise.  In addition, the course includes a Money Management aspect that helped with her budgeting skills and also to address her health and wellbeing, including her confidence issues and low self esteem.

Olive soon settled in and quickly made new friends, telling us that she looked forward to the course all week.  Olive added that on the day she attended the SHE, she wouldn’t drink alcohol and felt like she was welcome in her “home from home” at Venus.

On the final session of the course, Olive was awarded with a certificate and goodie bag, the certificate is now framed and displayed on her wall as Olive said she has never received a certificate for anything and was extremely proud of it.  Olive says that now the course is over, she feels ready and confident to do more courses and enjoys meeting the women from the course at the weekly Venus coffee morning.