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A Celebration Coffee Morning

A Celebration Coffee Morning

Hey everyone!  Wow, I can't wait to share this with you!  This week is a special week because not only are we celebrating International Women's Day with our super awesome interactive photo compilation celebration, (have you emailed us your photo yet?? If not, why not?? Get it done people!!!) it's also Mother's Day too, so we have TWO chances to celebrate the general awesomeness of women!


Every Tuesday, our women's emotional support group meet at our Venus Centre to have a chinwag about everything and nothing, share a brew and some toast in a supportive, informal, welcoming atmosphere.  This coffee morning is facilitated by two of our stalwart volunteer army, Sue and Paula.  This week, Paula and Sue arranged a special session so that we could stop, have a breather and think about our different experiences of being a woman and celebrate them in all their forms.


Here's Sue to tell you more...

"In our coffee morning today we celebrated International Women’s Day (8/3/18) and mother’s day.

We brought a tassimo coffee machine in and provided hot chocolate, cappuccinos and some little homemade cakes. We had printed women related word searches and crosswords and got the group completing them for a bit of fun.

We had printed off posters with 10 famous women on, inspiring positive quotes about being a woman. We found some great poems too and read a few of them out to the group. There was also some facts about things women had invented like Florence Nightingale inventing the Pie chart! Some of these facts were really interesting and we talked about these women, the great quotes and the amazing things women have done.

We played a “guess who I am” using famous women from Margaret Thatcher to Marilyn Monroe! 

We also asked everyone to write 5 things they are grateful for and we read these out (anonymously)! They were amazing and thought provoking.

We had sourced some gifts for the women chocolates and some body lotion etc which we wrapped up to share. To get the gift we asked each woman to say one positive thing about themselves and they very bravely did this, once again a very powerful & emotional exercise.

We were very fortunate to have had some flowers and plants donated plus beautiful daffodils, so everyone got a gift, flowers or a plant and a bunch of daffodils.

It really was a lovely special morning

Sue & Paula, Venus Volunteers"


Man, I LOVE that!  What a powerful experience!

So whatever you do to celebrate women this week, we hope you take a minute to celebrate yourself in all your wonderful, imperfect, perfection.

And really, if you haven't sent us a pic to hello@venuscharity.org of what it means to you to be a woman then what are you doooooing with your life???  Seriously, we need to celebrate more, so get those pics to us!