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Hello from Fran and Coleen

Hello from Fran and Coleen

As you know, we facilitate placements for students here at Venus and at Our Place.  Students are placed with us for different lengths of time dependent upon the course theyre on and what stage theyre at with their course.  We asked one of our latest students, Fran, to introduce herself and Coleen and tell us a little bit more about their experience...


Hello Everybody!


This is a slightly overdue introduction to Me (Fran) and Colleen as we have been at Venus for 3 weeks already!


Thank you very much to the team and the wonderful women at the Centre for the warmest welcome ever.


We are so happy to be taking over the post of Social Work Students for Kati and Brigitte. They set a brilliant example to us and shared as many tips as possible before heading back to Hope.


Colleen and I are both studying at John Moores. Colleen knows Sefton well having worked in Drugs/Alcohol sevices here for several years. Colleen’s biggest hobby is sleeping at the moment as she has two small children!


I have recently arrived in Liverpool from Crewe and have previously worked in Carer Support and Housing services.  I used to carry out support work for the Red Cross in sunny, sunny Barcelona and love eating tapas!


We look forward to our time here and learning lots from all of you!




Thanks Fran!  We love having students here because not only do we love to help people learn more about the work we do, we love to see people succeed and do well, so we're always thrilled when students who have spent time with us go on to bright futures, just like we know Fran and Coleen will!

Here's a pic of our lovely Fran