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Jo can help you manage your money!

Jo can help you manage your money!

Today I thought I'd share with you an insight on how Jo Hughes, our Money Management Programme Worker, supports people to address their financial concerns.  Over to Jo...

"I am the debt worker at Venus, offering support to women who are in debt, want advice on benefits, grants, help on household budgeting or money issues.

I have recently worked with a young woman who's United Utilities bill had fallen in to arrears.  She came to see me over her water bill, amounting to £889.39, I applied to United Utilities Trust Fund, (see link at the end of this blog) this is an application form you can download and complete by hand and return using their freepost address.

The application form is 8 pages long and takes approx 20 minutes to complete, more time is required for question 10, giving a full explanation 'why you have not been able to pay your water bill', as everyone's financial situation is different and influenced by different circumstances.  It's important to submit as much supporting information and evidence to help them make a decision about your application.

The Trust Fund are an independent grant making trust, offering financial support to people unable to meet the cost of water charges to those in financial hardship.  They can also offer financial support for essential household needs or priority debts.  Following my application for the young woman noted above, the trust raised a grant to pay £725.00 off her water arrears and also supplied a double wardrobe direct from Argos, including delivery, due to her exceptional circumstances.  She is now getting her United Utilities payments deducted directly from her benefits each week at an affordable amount.

If you would like any help or support with money issues, please ring Jo Hughes, to book an appointment at our centre.

Link to United Utilities Trust Fund application:- http://www.uutf.org.uk/app.htm "


Jo has completed a lot of training and has wide ranging experience supporting individuals to help her advise people on their money issues.  We are a registered advice service with the Financial Conduct Authority.  As with all Venus workers, Jo is friendly, approachable and non-judgemental, so you don't need to worry about what she will think of the financial circumstances you find yourself in, no matter how scary they are to you!  It's understandable to feel too worried to open any letters that come through your door or to answer the phone to numbers you don't recognise.  Jo will support you to open those letters and answer those phone calls.  Imagine the relief you'll feel if you have arrangements in place to deal with those bills and you no longer have to worry about them all.

Jo can also help you to make sure you're in receipt of all benefits etc that you're entitled to and also make applications for grants for household items or other awards.  Come to see Jo, talk to her and see how she can help you.


The picture below shows Jo delivering one of her money management sessions.  Jo has appointments available at the Centre Monday to Friday.  Call us to make an appointment today, we look forward to seeing you!