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New Venus Leaflet Designs

New Venus Leaflet Designs

Today we spent the morning hosting a focus group to get feedback on our new designs set to represent Venus. It’s important to us, as a team, to accurately represent the people who use the service and therefore your feedback is very important! Some laminated images and a dozen questionnaires later we had hit the ground running stimulating a healthy and insightful debate. (With staff on round the clock toast making duty of course!)

Everyone had something to say about the designs and the women got involved and got talking, not ones to shy away from the truth. Their feedback will help us alter the designs to represent the ethos and objectives of the centre and who better to help than the women who know Venus best.

Don’t worry though, it wasn’t all work! We also enjoyed a good cuppa’ and a laugh, customary for any trip to Venus.

We’re not quite finished with our research yet and it will continue this Thursday evening with the young women’s group.

Watch this space!