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News from Kayleigh

News from Kayleigh

We've asked our Kayleigh to tell you some more about her role at Venus...


Hello ☺ 

I am Kayleigh the Key Progression Worker at Venus.

I offer general support to the families I work with along aiming to build confidence in our women to empower them to get the best opportunities they can out of life! 

I can help with courses, job searches, writing up CV’s and apprenticeships and this week after spending months in job interviews being persistent and not giving up, one of our Venus ladies got a part time job in a local pub which is great news ☺ 

I will be running an English course in 4 weeks (dates and times are still to be confirmed) it will be a Level 2 accredited English course that will run over 18 weeks. Everyone is initially assessed to make sure each person is on the Level of learning that suits them.  It’s also a great opportunity to meet other ladies as well as gaining a free qualification as well as developing your skills and confidence.

We will also be running a Festive Course over the next few weeks making all kinds of Christmas decorations, food and cards. It’s the ideal thing to get you in the mood for Christmas now that Halloween is over ☹ and I intend for there to be Christmas music in the air!

Its another great opportunity to meet new people or get together and socialise with the people you already know as well as learning new skills and most importantly having fun!

All dates and times are still to be confirmed for both courses so keep a look out for the posters around the centre, on Twitter and Facebook and if you would like more information or to put your name down for either of these courses or are interested in any other type of course you might like to suggest we run in the future please let me, Kayleigh the Key Progression Worker and pregnant waddling woman at Venus know ☺