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Our day at Gullivers World!

Our day at Gullivers World!

During the summer holiday period, here at Venus we try to raise additional funds to our everyday funded services so that we can provide opportunities for families to spend some quality time together, enjoying new experiences and going to new places.  

We're usually lucky enough to be successful with our applications to offer a day trip a week for the duration of the school holidays.  We believe that this helps families alleviate the pressures of "what to do with the kids" over the long holiday period, particularly in these times of extra financial hardship for many people.  One of these visits was last Thursday, here's our lovely Clare to tell you more...

"Our day out at Gulliver’s World

This week, with thanks to the Family Holiday Association, we were able to take a large group of our families to Gulliver’s World in Warrington, which is a family Theme Park.

Our coach transport for the day arrived at Venus bright and early, welcomed by happy children who were so excited to get on board and on their way.  All the way to the Park our coach was full of the busy chatter and shouts from each child of which ride they wanted to go on first.

It was a fabulous day for all the children and by the end of the day even the mums had fun too!!

This was so beneficial as normally it isn't something that the families would experience due to the cost and the location of the park is not easily accessible by public transport. 

From the log flume to the tea cups this day out really was fun for all!  As workers, we get to see first hand the very real difference that seemingly simple day trips can make to family lives.  Children told us they had a great day, mums were happy to see their children having such a great time.  We really believe that on trips like this, family bonds are strengthened and happy memories are made to be treasured in the years to come.

Don't forget to keep an eye out for our next big adventure!"

One of the mums told us, "we all had a good day!"