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Shauna's blog

Shauna's blog

As you will recall, dear reader, we host student placements for social workers from local Universities.  We always ask our students to give us feedback on their placement so that we can learn from them and improve future students' experiences.  Here's our lovely Shauna who spent a few months with us...

"Hi I’m Shauna, 

I’m a Social Work Student in the first year of the Social Work Masters. I’m just finishing my 70 day placement at Venus. I’ve been involved in so much amazing work whilst being placed at Venus. I’ve attended ADHD training which really increased my knowledge on the topic. I’ve worked on the family support programme and supported women and their families in the area. This has given me the chance to work with some of the most amazing, inspirational women and their families. Working at Venus I have gained statutory experience which I know will support me with my second-year placement. 

Additionally, working on a money management case increased my knowledge on the benefit system and budgeting. This was a great learning curve for me. I also attended a MARAC which increased my understanding of domestic violence and the impact that it has on those affected by it. Venus has taught me more than I could have ever expected it to, I could go on and on about the tasks that I was involved in at Venus but I’ll leave it at that! 

I will miss being part of the Venus team, they really welcomed me in and made me feel that I was part of the organisation.  Thank you to everyone at Venus who made my placement a great experience!"

Awww, thanks Shauna!  We loved having you as part of our team and wish you every success in the future!