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Work Experience Students

Work Experience Students

As you know from our previous blog posts, we successfully host social work student placements from Universities from around the region, including Liverpool John Moores, Liverpool Hope and Salford Universities.  We also host high school student placements for their work experience modules through year 10 and have had students here from local schools such as the Hawthornes and Chesterfield.  Throughout the last two weeks, we were happy to host Kaitlyn as our resident work experience student.

From her very first day with us, Kaitlyn was thrown in the deep end, learning the admin ropes under the tuteledge of our wonderful reception and admin worker, Lindsay.  Students on work experience placement at Venus are able to observe the differences between the world of work and school life.  Whilst Venus is quite an informal work environment, there remain expectations, requirements and rules as there are in many other workplaces that are different from school.

After induction, Lindsay set Kaitlyn to work perusing our policies that govern the way we work, including confidentiality and safeguarding.  Once she was aware of the important stuff, Kaitlyn was able to get on with daily admin tasks, such as greeting visitors and all that entails for our monitoring, answering phone queries, learning about the different activities and services available from the Centre and other tasks centred on making sure that the daily chaos at our Centre is managed smoothly.  In addition to the admin and office-y type stuff, Kaitlyn was also able to join in with different sessions and activities at the Centre, such as sexual health awareness and our makers project.  This enabled Kaitlyn to learn about other peoples' lives through connecting and talking with new people.

We asked Kaitlyn to tell us about her experience with us over the two weeks she was here, over to Kaitlyn...

"During my time at Venus I have helped with the Drop Ins and met new people who come in for advice etc.  I have enjoyed being in a welcoming environment.  The Centre always has something on to help with a range of problems.  I have really loved my time being here, therefore, I am coming back through the six weeks school holidays to do some volunteering to help with anything the Centre needs.  It's a lovely and warm place to spend your time.  Everyone is welcoming; I really like how the staff in the Centre have so much time for people who need help with their life."

We're thrilled that as a result of her work experience with us, Venus has gained a new volunteer!  Kaitlyn will be with us through the summer holidays helping Lindsay keep us organised so pop in and say hello!


carolflanagan's picture

We all had a fabulous week away. It was wonderful to see the families enjoying the sun and the many activities. I received some wonderful comments from mums who were so grateful to us giving them a holiday, they would not have got away if it was not for venus. 

Carliemachell's picture

what a wonderful student maeve was and we miss her lots, and i wonder when kaitlyn is back as i have lots of admin for her