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Family Support Programme

Family Support Programme

Offers befriending, advocacy, emotional and practical support to women and families who are vulnerable and may be in need of support to address parenting issues, access services and activities in the community. Mums and families are supported to participate in processes such as Team Around the Family (TAF), Early Help, Child in Need and Child Protection.

Women who have accessed this service have said: "...you get good information as well. When we need it, they're there. I mean, I went through a rough patch...but when I came here and sat down talking, what seemed like a big blown all out of proportion came down to a little ball inside of my head...here I could sit down, or they'd visit me, they'd tell me my different options...what I'd be entitled to, what I can do. There's a counsellor you can speak to as well."
Staff who work on this programme are:
  • Wendy Cushion
  • Clare Kavanagh
  • Lyndsey Jackson
  • Alina Gheorghe
  • Social Work Students

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