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Sarah's Story

Sarah's Story

Sarah is a 21 year old single mum who was recently referred to Venus from the local homeless section team. Sarah has twins aged 21 months and a 6 month old baby and has fled from domestic violence on more than one occasion recently.

Sarah would love to be able to pop out to the shops but struggles on a daily basis to take all three children out at once meaning it is difficult to buy the most essential items. She currently has a double pushchair and single pushchair making it impossible to push both prams at once. Her mum currently works full time and offers her help when she can at weekends.

I applied to Buttle UK to ask for help with the cost of a triple tandem pushchair to enable her to get around easily; Buttle UK have offered £200 if I can raise additional funds. I have also received a cheque of £200 from Newby trust and have applied to Ogilvie Charities for the further £150.

Sarah’s story highlights the vital services that our Money Management project provides to women in need of basic everyday items.

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