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New Venus Leaflet Designs

Today we spent the morning hosting a focus group to get feedback on our new designs set to represent Venus. It’s important to us, as a team, to accurately represent the people who use the service and therefore your feedback is very important! Some laminated images and a dozen questionnaires later we had hit the ground running stimulating a healthy and insightful debate. (With staff on round the clock toast making duty of course!)

Supposed to be shutdown!

So this is just a quick one because I'm trying to get used to updating you and having regular little chinwags with you through our website... today at Venus HQ we're supposed to be having a shutdown day.  What is a shutdown day I hear you ask?? Well we're supposed to take some time out from our normal schedules to tidy the building, catch up on filing and any odd jobs that need doing.  I've added a snap of my desk to give you an idea of the uphill struggle I face... sheesh no wonder George keeps going on at me to tidy up!